Dodo was a bird that can’t fly and as is the saying “as dead as dodo”, it is now extinct. Supposed to have existed only in Mauritius in the late 16th and early 17th century, last seen by by Dutch sailors during that period on the island.
This bird was 1m tall and weight, expected 10-20 Kgs. On the island of Mauritius, there still exist a skeleton made from the bones of a single dodo.
But one more Dodo skeleton might be there as West Sussex, Summers Place Auctions director, Rupert van der Werff, said he was reported by someone who claims to have one skeleton and wish to bring it to auction in November.
Over decades, like puzzle, the seller collected different pieces even at auctions and pieced together to form the skeleton, but is 95% complete with missing head parts and one set of claw. As you don’t see a dodo often, the auctioneers estimates a six figure value.
There are a few composite skeletons of the dodo formed by bones collected from Mauritius swamp in 1865, and are held in museums around the world.
The auctioneers and the seller both hopes, it will fetch a large sum of money. This November.