Epcot is the second theme park of the Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida inaugurated on October 1, 1982 covering an area of 300 acres. Being the sixth most visited theme park in the whole world, it is now considered as a “Permanent World’s Fair”. It originated as an EPCOT Center to flash the ideals and values of the future city as a devotion to the achievements of humans in order to promote technological innovation and international culture. An acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a future Utopian City proposed by Walt Disney, it is a tomorrow’s community based on experiments and observations accepting changes by new creations and innovations. It highlights the ingenuity and imagination of the American industries. It is built in a circular shape with businesses and commercial areas at the centre surrounded by buildings, houses, schools and recreational grounds etc., on its circumference symbolized by Spaceship Earth. It can be reached by monorails and People Movers. Epcot is divided into two parts namely, 1. Future World: – It is formed of several pavilions serving the park’s main entrance and the iconic Spaceship Earth, a geodesic sphere. 2. World Showcase: – It also consists of certain pavilions representing a specific country which surround the World Showcase Lagoon having a length of 1.2 miles. Its other major attractions include the International Gateway and the World Showcase Adventure. A secondary park entrance gate is built between the pavilions of France and United Kingdom. The World Showcase Adventure is an interactive mobile feature based on the animated series Kim Possible. It is also known for its Epcot International Food and Wine festival and the award winning show, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth Photos Of Epcot Theme Park 

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