Elephant is very moody animal. It trust man and is being used by man from ancient times.
Some beautiful photos I collected over net and posted here to share with you….
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This cute baby in a refresh mood. he is with his family.

This is a new born just few hours after birth elephants newborn can weight more than 100 kg.. Normally the range is 70-110 kg

this little cute baby elephant play with this log .. elephant’s baby are very play full

This probably the best photograph I have ever seen about elephant.
This little cute boy play with elephant’s trunk..and the elephant also enjoys it

This image hurts me.. a tusker baby just got trapped in a cement drain hole…
looks his tears…. Baby don’t cry rescue on the way

In this photos a tusker baby takes bath as if a little 2 yrs old boy play in a bath tub..

baby elephant roll a globe and play with it

Elephants also like to play with snow. in this photo a baby elephants play with snow.. very nice photos…

I don’t know what this baby try to do.. he may have itch in his forehead or he may have want to indicate that he just make a victory…

Don’t know whether elephants can laugh like that or not, but as far my knowledge this image is true…

Oh yes elephants has anger and it sometimes so violent that it can throw away your car.. so don’t make them annoyed..

Elephant along with sheep… sheep feels safe in elephants guard…

They also love in grazing in grass fields .. why they love..???
Do you don’t like to roam in a cad berry field.. green grass also like that to them..

Baby are always happy in his mother lap.. this innocent baby also happiest in his mother ..

Probably tries to crush it

Do you know that elephants trunks has more than 40000(forty thousands) muscles.. believe it it’s true

Happy family.. baby in between his guardian

This baby just lost his mother… but he don’t know he thought as if his mother just slept . so he tries to wake her up…

Asian baby elephant in grass field probably after he made a good lunch..

Few minutes after delivery. this newborn try to stand up…

videos of cute Baby elephant handshake

Two baby elephant fought between them