Our brain and organs are capable of doing much greater deeds than we can imagine. This lagging behind, as we are now, is due to non-perfect methods of learning and doing physical activities.

Our brain is so structured and featured to learn faster with images instead of text, poetic (rythmic & patterned, Mnemonic) audio instead of normal talking, and touch sensation or feeling instead of a block of text explaining.

You will find that short poetic phrases are easier to remember than just normal sentences. For eg: You will find a lot of people use this poetic phrases
1. Some People Have Curly Brown Hair Turned Permanently Black — used in trigonometry.
2. 30 Days Have September, April, June and November. — For Remembering No. of days in a month.
3. White and yellow, kill a fellow.
Purple and blue, good for you.
Red… could be good, could be dead. — Edible Berries Mnemonic
4. Lat is Fat -or- Latitude is FLATitude — Geographic grids.
5. Lovely Cadbury Dairy Milk (L, C, D, M) -or- Lazy Cats Don’t Move (L, C, D, M) — For Roman Numeric 50, 100,
500, 1000.
6. VIBGYOR — Color Of the Spectram.
7. FANBOY (for, and, nor, but, or, yet) — Conjunctions In English.
8. BODMAS — Mathematics Order of Operation
9. Left hand Thumb Rule — Flow of Electricity and Magnetism
10. And Many More…

Moreover, moving images are more effective than still images. eg: a animated .gif image is more reactive an effective to load in our memory than a still .jpg image. You may try an experiment like this. Watch a still .jpg image for some time and then try to recall the image in your memory keeping your eyes off the image and check out for how long you could recall it clearly. Then try this with an animated .gif image. You will get to know the difference.

Process of learning involves proper utilizing of input and output methods of us. To make it even clear, hearing and seeing are the two input methods of us by our ears and eyes. Talking and writing are the two output methods of us by our mouth and hand. Although talking and writing are output methods, they are also input methods simultaneously. Please note talking or uttering or reciting or speaking are all the same in this aspect as they are all audio output methods. Same way hearing, listening are the same as audio input method, like wise seeing, reading, watching, observing are all the same as visual input method. And writing, doing something practical, handicraft, making, etc. they are all of same sort something physical in nature involving touch mainly by hand.

Always try to use two input methods combined with one or two output methods for effective and faster learning. eg:
Consider watching a mathematical tutorial video. Watching an audio/video tutorial while practicing the maths with a pen and paper is good. Whereas, if you add uttering the same while practicing with pen and paper will give even better understanding.

Also note that, we generally can maintain our best focus and concentration for 15 min to 30 min at a time. After that we stats loosing the focus as we get involved in analyzing what we just learned or simply gets bored. It’s always better to learn leaving time gaps in between and use the first 15 min effectively.

One more point to note is that words or letters are generally more effective to remember than numbers.