Dubai Deepest Swimming Pool

Have a deep diving hobby? Then this swimming pool in Dubai is absolutely for you. But there is another condition. If you want to come here and take a dive swim, your pocket must be heavy. 

The world’s deepest swimming pool was recently inaugurated in Dubai. The swimming pool was inaugurated on July 8, 2021 by Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid El Maktoum of Dubai. Sharing a video of the swimming pool on Twitter, he wrote, “Deep dive Dubai is waiting to welcome the whole world.” How is it deep?

The depth of this swimming pool is 196 feet (60 meters). The bridge was built in the Nad Al Sheba area of ​​Dubai. However, the deep dive is completely different than the other five swimming pools. 

The swimming pool has 14 million liters of water. There are Clear water from top to bottom at once. There is a whole city under the pool. It has been made in such a way that swimmers can go from one house to another house. There are all kinds of modern facilities under the swimming pool. There are various modern facilities including billiard playground, library, restaurant, conference room. 

Everything is monitored

There are 56 cameras inside the swimming pool. All views of the bottom of the pool will be captured from any angle. There is a light and sound system. According to the organizers of Deep Dive, the water is filtered every 6 hours through siliceous volcanic rocks to maintain clarity. NASA has created this filter technology. 

When and for whom will it be opened ?

The pool will be open to tourists from the end of July. The pool will be open to people 10 years and older. A team of international quality diving experts has been kept ready to help the enthusiasts. 

Other information

At the end of the year, restaurants and various shops will be opened there. How much will it cost to dive into this pool? Although it is not yet fully known, it is believed that the cost of one dive may be around 17 thousand rupees.