Donald Trump Caterpillar is newly discovered caterpillar which is named after actor Donald John Trump.
His hair was unique and once it was thought no one can copy his hair. But after discovering yellow-colored caterpillar of the flannel moth, this myth become wrong.

Jeff Cremer, wildlife photographer and Phil Torres, conservation biologist spotted the caterpillar in an Amazon rainforest.

“I’ve seen some bizarre looking caterpillars in my time of working in the field, but this was definitely the weirdest one I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at at first; it was this big yellow fuzzy thing.”

Torres told.

“On these tours we take tourists and photographers into the Amazon and point out cool and unusual things for them to photograph. We have been leading photo tours together for two years and have never seen anything as strange as this.”

Cramer told.

The yellow colored hairs are actually “setae” which are very much venomous.. If any how it touch the skin it can cause serious skin irritation and burning sensation and also pain like bee sting.

Torres and Cramer posted this caterpillar photos on twitter and Facebook and people called immediately that it was Donald Trump.

Torres told

“We put the picture on our Twitter and Facebook page and immediately people started comparing it to Donald Trump.”

He continued, “When we show people the image some don’t even know what it is, some think it’s a mammal others a bird or some have said a plant.”

“But to us and most of the people who’ve seen it, it’s Donald Trump’s toupee — left on a leaf in the Amazon.”

Photos of Donald Trump Caterpillar