Crow is one of the most intelligent animal.

  • They belong to Corvus genus (Corvidae family).
  • Scientific Name of crow – Corvus brachyrhynchos ( American Crow), Corvus macrorhynchos (Jungle Crow)..
  • At least 31 different species of crows are found all over world.
  • Usually they are black but sometimes their neck and beak may be grey or white.
  • Few species already extinct – such as Hawaiian Crow extinct in wild. (only few dozens are left in captivity).
  • They measure about 20 – 30 cm in length. Wingspan almost double of their size.
  • Crows are omnivores in nature means they eat every thing — insects, seeds, earthworms, fruits and even carrion (dead flesh of an animal).
  • They are seldom seen in single and live in a roosts and this type of behaviour help them to protect from Predators. They may attack in a group and this aggressiveness known as mobbing.
  • Female attain sexual maturity at 3 years of age and male at 5 years of age. They live almost 20 years in wild and in captivity they can survive up to 30 years. An american crow was survive almost 59 years in a cage and he was the known oldest crow to live such a long time.
  • Female lays 5-6 eggs which hatch within 18 days and after 1 month young crow can fly.
  • They cannot tolerate extreme weather and they may migrate to another region. During migration their group sometimes called as “MURDER”
  • They also follow monogamous life .
  • In Crop field , farmers often place scarecrows to save seeds from them but they can help us by eating insects.
    Sometimes this scarecrows are rather ineffective to make them foolish. That’s why recently automatic noise guns are installed in United States which are run by Propane Gas.

Intelligence Of Crow
You may heard about the story of one crow who was very much thirsty but unable to drink water from the bottom of the pot, so he poured stones in the pot and as the water raised he quenched his thirst.

I don’t know whether this is a only myth or a true but scientists believe that their IQ is very good.
In June 2011, Proceedings of the Royal Society B published an article about how one Crow identified a human as threatening to them and transformed his experience to another member in their group. Their Memory of Human faces can persist as long as 5 years or more.
Read entire article – Click Here

Again there are some videos which were recorded — shown their extraordinary intelligence..
For example in the second Video Footage – Crows use Cars tyre to crack nuts which they cannot do by himself. They even wait for Traffic signal to become Red and they just walk to the nuts like a human being over Zebra Crossing.

Another test was done — a piece of food was placed in a tube, and one wire also kept besides the tube. Crow just removed the food from tube by using the wire . Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!

You can find several videos of their intelligence in YouTube.

Photos Of Crow

Videos Of Crow

Funny videos about Crow (made by me)