Collage the word coming from the French word COLLER,that means “to glue”.This is an artistic composition using various types of materials such as paper,newsprint,photographs,ribbons or other objects attached to background support,such s plain paper or canvas.The term was coined by both Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.Techniques of collage are first used around 200 BC, When paper was invent in China.There is a various type of collages like:
1. paper collage
2. wood collage
3. photo collage
4. digital collage
5. painting collage
6. 3- dimensional collage etc.
There is many type of collage here.But now we learn how to make a nice paper collage.To creat a paper collage you will be must need:
There is some easy step to make a beautiful paper collage-

Step 1: search a work place.
Step 2: Draw your image on which you make a collage art.
Step 3: Now you can use grid method.This is a best method to make a paper collage.You draw a grid on both your image and your canvas.
Step 4: Now you transfer your image into grid.
Step 5: collect the materials that needed for making your collage.
Step 6: Fold,cut or tear the paper into different shapes.
Step 7: Make your canvas sticky using paintbrush or spread glue lightly on the background
Step 8: Attach your material on the image.
Step 9: Finally develop your theme according your artistic vision.
At last we can say about collage in a line that: A work created by attaching paper,,wood,fabric etc..on a flat surface is collage.It is very simple art form that anyone can try to spend their time.,

Photos Of collage