Cockroaches make democratic decision actually by default this collaborative approach is inbuilt in them when 50 cockroaches are segregated in 3 shelters then they divide themselves in 2 groups of 25 members each and left the third shelter empty.
In cockroaches community everyone is equal and the concept of inferior and superior is not prevailed among them. Thus their group decisions are effective. They cannot produce any sound and thus they communicate with each other using vocalizing technique. They use chemical and tactile communication with each other.
When the question comes of decision making to stay in more varied space then the all settle down in one shelter thus they have the capacity to make rational and independent decision to behave in any situation in a group which is also a great learning for human being also to know how to make an effective and collaborative decision.Cockroaches are one sort of gregarious insects who live in groups which helps them to increase their reproductive capacity.