The china government has made illegal the most famous social networking & other specific websites like Facebook,Twitter,Google,YouTube.

Banned history About FACEBOOK :-
The world’s most outstanding social networking site face book has been blocked in China, without explanation, since just after ethnic riots between Muslims and Han Chinese broke out in the far Western province of Nanjing in July 2009.

Banned history About TWITTER :-
The world’s most popular micro blogging website twitter where the users share their thoughts with each other in the form of 140-letter messages, is also blocked in China, despite having expressed an interest in operating on the mainland.

Banned history About Google :-
The world’s most useful search engine shut down its Chinese servers at the beginning of the year after sustained pressure from the Chinese government.Google said it was no longer prepared to censor its results in order to comply with Chinese law, because it had suffered a serious attempt to hack its source code, which it suggested may have originated in China.

Banned history About YouTube :-
The videos on YouTube have been inaccessible in china since March 2009. YouTube said it had no idea why the site was initially blocked.

China banned socal networking& some some specific websites