Since 8000 years they are our friends

Cat were domesticated by the ancient Egyptians over 8000 years ago, yet it was only in the late 19th century that the first pedigree breeds were developed. Now more than 300 breeds and varieties are recognized, although they vary relatively little in appearance.  Differing head shapes are one of the main distinguishing characteristics, as is length of the hair.  The latter feature is, perhaps, the most straightforward method of categorizing pedigree and non-predigree cats. Short hair breeds outnumber longhair ones. 

When and Where is the day celebrated? 

On August 8, Canada, October 29, the United States, and March 1 in Russia, International Cat Day is observed. The International Fund for Animal Welfare established International Cat Day on August 8, 2002. This day was originally marked in 2005 to raise awareness about the number of cats who need to be rescued each year and to encourage cat owners to retain their cats (s). Every year since then, World Day has been observed as normal. This day is also known as ‘Pet Day’ by many people. Because cats are the most often maintained pets on the planet. In the globe, there are more than 500 million domestic cats. Cats improve during night. At this point as one they see six times clearer than humans. They also have excellent hearing and smell abilities. Cats sleep between 13 and 14 hours every day! Cats sleep for 80 percent of their lives. They conserve energy by sleeping for lengthy periods of time. 

Cat owners are healthier than non cat owner (It’s great)

Cat owners are physically healthier than non-cat owners. Keeping cats lowers your chances of acquiring a variety of illnesses. If there is a pet cat in the house, it is much better for the infant. Feeding cats has been demonstrated in several trials to alleviate stress. This lowers the chances of developing heart disease. One of the most lovely noises in the world is a cat’s meow meow call. Which serves as a treatment for inflammation of the body’s muscles and bones. When there are cats about, it is easier to sleep. You can keep the cat as a sleeping buddy, according to the Myoclinic Center for Sleep Medicine’s recommendation. In Science Kids, there are some fascinating facts about cats. One of them is that every time a cat walks, it places its hind legs exactly where the front steps are. This decreases noise levels and eliminates the need for footprints.