Blue Lake of Switzerland famous by the name of Blausee, is a small lake in the Kander valley over Kandergrund at 887m, nearby the river Kander having an area of 0.64ha. It is a pleasing mountain lake located in the midst of a nature park. The lake can be reached by bus from the train stations of Frutigen or Kandersteg as it is on the outskirts of Kandersteg. It is situated at about 8kilometres in the distance of Frutigen on the road to Kandersteg. The astonishingly crystal, clear blue lake is situated in the forest of twisted and mysterious trees with a jagged lofty horizon that can be walked along a wooden path.
Blausee is a privately owned trout farm belonging to the Bernese Oberland. It is a very tiny but an idyllic and gorgeous lake which is a full of fishes, a chalet-type restaurant and several pools with fishes of various life spans. It has an entrance fee of CHF 5. It is the most-loved expedition of the Swiss people. It is considered as a favoured break-out spot for its scenic landscape and adorable trails. Being a photographer’s dream, it is a must-see popular tourist destination and famous picnic spot for families with children who enjoy taking one of the boat rides or just whirling around the lake on the curling walkway through the gnarled forest.

Photos of Blue Lake of Switzerland