The blue ruin is a fantastic horror movie probably the most interesting movie in 2014, watched by those who can bear the violent shocks. There is plenty of revenge shown, of a homeless man called Dwight who discovers the man convicted of murdering his parents had been released from jail. However the homeless man living out of his car and scavenging through trash sets to seek vengeance, only to become the target of the killer’s family instead. Dwight tries to steal a gun, but he fails where he gets a knife and tries to stab, Wade the man who had killed his parents and then he succeeds.

Dwight tries to escape when he realizes that he had left his car keys where he had left wades body. However, he is forced to steal a car where he realizes there is a teenage inside, he puts the teenage out of his car and head to visit his sister after not seeing her for several years. He then reveals that he had killed a man, and his sister gets shocked. Though she seemed happy with the news. His sister was afraid of ravage being done on her family so she flees the area.

After Dwight sister flees, he decides to stay in her house, where he is later attacked by two attackers who break into his house, and he manages to defeat them though they leave him with a wound on his leg which forced him to seek treatment on a local hospital. He then travels to meet his old high school friend and persuades his friend to lend him a gun. With his gun he meets a man on a truck and has a conversation with him at the moment where the man reveals that wade had not killed Dwight’s parents. Being revealed that his father died of cancer and had an affair with the man’s wife. Then suddenly the man in the truck manages to grab Dwight’s gun then he points it straight to him, luckily Dwight’s friend appears and shoots the man in the truck.

Afterwards, Dwight disables his friend’s car so that he could not follow him at the Wade’s home. He, therefore, heads to Wade’s home and urinates on wade’s father’s grave. Then he leaves a message on the answering machine asking Wade’s family to leave his sister alone because they had now committed equal murders. He finally buries the man that his friend had shot. When Wade’s family returns to their home, they do not agree to Dwight’s message, therefore, Dwight decides to kill a guy in the family. Suddenly a teenage boy appears who shoots him with a shotgun. He, therefore, knocks the young boy’s shotgun away and requests the boy to leave with his car thinking he will die, revealing to the boy that he is his half-brother. Finally, it is seen that Dwight does not die he survives the mystery.

Photos of  The Best Movie in 2014 “Blue Ruin”