Victoria Crowned Pigeon is one of the most beautiful pigeon in world.
They are seen in New Guinea region and in some parts of Indonesia. They prefer lowland and rain forest.
They have feathered crown and its name origin-ed from this.
Scientific Name :Goura victoria.
Victoria Crowned Pigeons are very bad parent because they sometimes kicked out egg from their nest.
They can live for more than 25 years.
Average sizes are 2 and half feet and weighs about 5-6 pounds.
Foods : fruits and seeds.
Male prepare the nest.
Have courtship behavior to each other.
Though they are able to fly but they spend most of the time in ground.
They are in IUCN red list. Only few thousands of them are left.
They prefer a monogamous relationship.
Can Vocalize many words.
Breed thrice a year. Gestation time almost 30 days.
They are able to produce “Crop Milk” for first few days of nestling. Flamingos can do same. Crop milk is produced from secretion of both partner.

They are now considered as largest pigeon in world after extinction Dodo birds.

Photos of Victoria Crowned Pigeon

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