The importance of handwriting cannot be overstated. Even if their handwriting is quite similar, no two people will have the same handwriting.  This is why handwriting is one of the identities of a person. Everyone has handwriting as long as they know how to write; thus it is a need. We have heard a lot about handwriting since childhood. Sometimes it is common to hear handwriting or good handwriting.

These have become a part of our lives. As good as it is to see good handwriting, it is also good to read. If you want, it doesn’t happen anymore. Patience and practice, as well as God’s blessings, are essential. Many people all throughout the world have lovely handwriting.

It’s not easy to figure out who has the best handwriting in the world. With the internet, which has broken down all worldwide barriers, identifying the most beautiful handwriting in the world has become a relatively easier chore. In the past, when there were local limits, determining who had the best handwriting in the world was a far more difficult undertaking. Now we’re going to talk about the person with the best handwriting in the world. 

Who has the world’s most beautiful handwriting? 

Ans.  Prakriti Malla in Nepal possesses the World’s Most Beautiful Handwriting. 

About Prakriti Malla : 

We also know that the handwriting of many people is so bad that no one else can read it. But there is someone in the world whose handwriting is more beautiful than MS Word. Her name is Prakriti Malla. She is a resident of Nepal. Prakriti is a student of at Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya school, Bhaktapur, Nepal in class 8th.  Possessed of the most beautiful handwriting in the world. Prakriti Malla is an 8th class student and is now world famous for her handwriting. 

Prakriti Malla’s writing is inspiring everyone to make their handwriting more beautiful. Her identity is all over the world. People all over the world know the little girl. But what has she done for which he is so popular! In fact, at such a young age, her beautiful handwriting is very close to perfect. This is the opinion of experts who are aware of the font. 

Specialties’ her Hand-writing 

Prakriti Malla’s handwriting looks like a computer font. The spaces in the middle of his writing are all equal. He has also created a new height of calligraphy. Even experts say his writing is almost perfect. For this reason, his handwriting is the best in Nepal. 

What are some of the greatest scripts for handwriting? 

  • Textura script is a Middle Age script from the 12th through 16th centuries. Gothic Handwriting or Black Letter Handwriting are other names for this script. 
  • Corsiva Script is one of the most beautiful cursive handwriting scripts. 
  • Court Hand Script – Another mediaeval script that was popular at the time and was regarded as the most beautiful handwriting in the world. 

How did she become so famous around the world? 

Nowadays any news spread in different parts of the world for the benefit of social media. A few months ago, a man from Nepal took a picture of Prakriti Malla’s handwriting and posted it on social media. And it didn’t take long for it to go viral.  She was awarded by the Nepal Armed Forces for his outstanding handwriting.  

Now she is popular all over the world and people are quite interested in reading her writing. The girl was rewarded by the Nepal Armed Forces for writing such beautiful handwriting at such a young age.  Her handwriting is one of the most beautiful handwriting in the world. The little girl is known all over the world today only because of her handwriting. 

Fascinating realities about Prakriti Malla  

  • She won the title of Penmanship Competition which is a wonderful penmanship contest coordinated by legislature of Nepal. Additionally, Nepal government formally declared her signature as the most wonderful mark of its country.  
  • It is claimed that Prakriti Malla required two hours out of every day for her excellent penmanship practice.  
  • Numerous netizens propose changing over Prakriti’s penmanship to an electronic composing text style. In the interim, a few speculates her penmanship as grumbles it as phony. 

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