Baobab tree
Baobab tree is famous because it can store up to 120,000 litres or 32,000 US gallons of water in it’s trunk.
It is also known as Adansonia. Adansonia has nine species.
1> Adansonia digitata – Africa
2>Adansonia gregorii found in northwestern Australia
3>Adansonia za found in Madagascar
4>Adansonia madagascariensis – found in Madagascar
5>Adansonia suarezensis found in Madagascar
6>Adansonia rubrostipa found in Madagascar
7>Adansonia kilima — found in eastern & southern Africa
8>Adansonia perrieri found in Madagascar
9>Adansonia grandidieri found in Madagascar

Heights can reach upto – 15- 100 ft or 5 to 30 m
Trunk Diameters- 20-40 ft .

Currently The Glencoe baobab ,Adansonia digitata , in South Africa ( Limpopo Province) is largest and widest living tree . Maximum circumference is 48 m or 155 ft and diameter is 16mt or 53 ft.

Baobab tree can live upto 1300 years or even more.
Grootboom Baobab tree , one type of Adansonia digitata, is 1275 years old measured by radiocarbon. It is known oldest Angiosperm tree.

For measuring age , growth ring is not considered because it is very faint. We use Radiocarbon dating .

Photos of Baobab tree