It always depends on how you solve a problem or a situation. May you solve, all by yourself utilizing your observation, understanding, analysis & critical thinking, self created or gathered axioms, or, may you solve, by gathering tips & tricks from other people, internet or other sources and applying to solve. The benefits will defer upon which method you choose. Benefits also depends and varies on number of times (2 or 3 or 4 per day) you solve and the frequency of practicing (daily, weekly, monthly). Benefits also depends on the solver’s psychology. Few people shows agitation unless they could solve one. Few people neglects all other aspects of necessity unless they get a solve. Such thinking involved in practicing are not good.

General Amazing Benefits of Solving Sudoku are
1. Improves memory and logical analysis.
2. Stimulates your mind and keeps your brain active thereby reduces the chance of developing Alzheimers.
3. Increases concentration power.
4. Accelerates your thinking speed and accuracy.
5. Increases your observation, understanding & analysis of unknown or not well known objects and there functionality.
6. Increases the habit of noticing & utilizing given or known aspects that are required to solve a real life situation.
7. Makes a habit of organized and systematic step-by-step approach in solving any situation.
8. It’s a good time pass and makes you feel happy on solving one, if you could think that way.
9. More… for you to discover yourself.