Akrit Jaswal is an Indian Boy who is famous for extraordinary IQ and talents.

  • Born-23rd april , 1993
  • He is Hindu Rajput from Himachal Pradesh , India
  • By the age of seven yrs he did an operation over a burned finger and it was successful..
  • His mother Raksha Kumari Jaswal admits that his developmental milestone was very early and he just skipped toddler stage and started walking and speaking at around 10 months.
  • But how he learned surgery?? He usually visited local hospital and closely observed the operation performed by doctors as he was very much interested about that field. He had good knowledge about anatomy. After observing for more than 1 yr he gained enough confidence and one day a poor family came to him to treat their daughter who burnt and deformed her finger..
  • Akrit ambition in life is –study in the Imperial College London and also he wants to invent cancer medicine.
  • However he is the youngest college student in India and now studying applied chemistry in Punjab University, Chandigarh
  • His IQ is more than 146 and it is very close to Albert Einstein…and it is highest IQ in India in his age
  • This prodigy is called as “Junior Einstein” by everybody in his country..

Ok we pray that he will be so..

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