On this blue planet, there are millions of interesting as well as unknown facts that are yet to be known. You might have the interest to know about the facts that are either 100 years old or happening now around us.

Let’s explore this blue planet a little and see what happens next!!!

1) Largely populated island

Source: aljzeera.com

Source: aljzeera.com

Migingo island which is located in Lake Victoria, Africa has an area of 2,000 square meters i.e., 0.49 acres. This island has been known as the most “Densely Populated” island in the world.

2) Smiling While dying!!!

It’s a fact that some may know and some mayn’t but a true fact indeed in this adventurous world. We have a species of plant namely “Hemlock Water Dropwort” which is poisonous in its own way. This plant leaves its victim with a smile on its face at the time of dying.

3) Secret Police

Source: weird.com

Source: weird.com

The famous company namely “Apple” has its own secret police commonly known as the “Worldwide Loyalty Team”. This team is only for ensuring whether the employees of “Apple” couldn’t leak anything about the company.

4) Space to your Age


If you wish to leave this blue planet in a spaceship at the age of 15 with a speed of light and returns after 5 years, then you will be 20 years when you return back. But your friends who were 15 at that time, will be 65 at the time of your return.

So, if you want to reduce your age, get tour in your spaceship!!!

5) Cheetah dies in 15 seconds


We all know that Cheetah is the fastest animal. So, when it accelerates to 60mph within 3 seconds, the temperature of both body and brain rises to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. After 15 seconds, it reaches 109 degrees Fahrenheit and the cheetah has to stop running otherwise this temperature can make the blood flow back to the brain and eyes leading to death.

6) Act like Dead

If you encounter a brown bear on your way, then act like a dead person because the brown bear doesn’t pay attention to a dead person. For a black bear, just punch it in the nose and it will surely run away.

7) Last date to live together.


It was seen that the last date to live together on this blue planet is 2nd November 2000. After that, someone on-board has always been in the International Space Station.