5 best invented technology in the world

In the 21st century, we are very excited about the future technology that is coming in its way. But we rarely know about our past technologies that have made this world the best place to live in. This article will help you to know about the best of the technologies that were invented in the early years.

Let’s have a tour today with the segment of the technologies that have changed our lives completely.

1) Printing Press

Source: psprint.com

Source: psprint.com

Invented Year: 1450

Invented By: Johannes Gutenberg

Place: Germany

It was said that the first printing wooden block was invented in China. But after 150 years of this invention, there was no step forward with this amazing technology for future aspects. In 1450, Guttenberg finally designed and built up the first commercially used printing press in Germany. The main aim to invent the printing press was to spread literacy to every part of the world.

2) Light Bulb

Source: bulbs.com

Source: bulbs.com

Invented Year: 1879

Invented By: Thomas Edison

Place: New Jersey

Earlier, productivity was only limited to daylight. After that, no one can work due to insufficient light. At that time, two dozen people were inventing incandescent lamps but later in 1879, Thomas Edison invented the complete lighting consist of the generator, wiring, and also the carbon filament bulb. There was an aim to power the numerous undergoing social changes around us.

3) Telephone

Source: trdergisi.com

Source: trdergisi.com

Invented Year: 1876

Invented By: Alexander Graham Bell

Place: United States

The telephone has been considered the most challenged invention in the early years. For this invention, besides Graham Bel, there was another person, Elisha Gray, who invented hand submitted the patent application to the patent office located in Washington. But Graham Bell has been given the patent for inventing the telephone. There was an aim to communicate widely with people.

4) Computer

Source: clearskygroup.com

Source: clearskygroup.com

Invented Year: 1822

Invented By: Charles Babbage

Place: London

Charles Babbage invented the first automatic computer in 1822. He intends to lower down the work pressure on humans by inventing computers. The computer is mainly a device that can perform arithmetic and logical operations automatically. Charles Babbage is commonly known as “Father of Computer”.

5) Radio

Source: spectrum.ieee.org

Source: spectrum.ieee.org

Invented Year: 1895

Invented By: Guglielmo Marconi

Place: England

Being a pioneer of wireless telegraphy, Marconi experimented on wirelessly transmitted radio waves. After that, he concluded with his great invention of “Radio” where we can hear the important information easily with the help of radio waves. The main goal was to make the world smaller for information exchange wirelessly in a small span of time.