The Arctic region of Siberia covered in ice. There is a lion cub covered in ice. It looks like the cub is asleep, waking up when someone touches it. In fact, the cub is dead. Scientists say the animal is 28,000 years old. But even after so many days, there was no damage to his physical appearance. Not even the hair of the body fell out. 

You may think the lion is sleeping

According to a report in the US media CNN, the lion of the Siberian species lived in a cave in the mountains. People searching for the remains of an extinct mammoth have recently found the bodies of two lion cubs on a river in Russia’s Far East. He is one of the two lion cubs. Its nickname is Sparta. Although it has been under the ice for a long time, its golden hair is a little tangled, but everything else is intact. The baby’s teeth, skin, soft tissues and other limbs have been mummified. Although the cub died 28,000 years ago, scientists say its claws are still sharp. 

Love Dalen, a professor of evolutionary genetics at the Center for Paleogenetics, said in a press release, ‘These two lions were buried very early because of conservation. So maybe they fell into the mud or into a crack in the permafrost. ‘ 

They actually found Two

The other baby’s nickname is Boris. When the bodies of the two cubs were found in the iceberg, the distance between them was 18 meters. At first it was thought that the two lion cubs were born in the womb of the same lion. According to a new study, the age difference between the two cubs is 15,000 years. Scientific method of determining age According to radiocarbon dating, Boris was born 43,448 years ago. 

Lav Dalen, author of a study of these lion cubs and a professor at the Center for Paleogenetics in Stockholm, Sweden, says that Sparta is the most intact of all the animals found in the Ice Age. However, some damage has been done to the remains of Boris. 

In addition to Dalen, the research team includes scientists from Russia and Japan. According to them, when the two lion cubs died, they were only 1 to 2 months old.