With so many evolutions through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age, today’s mankind has come to the peak of civilization.The interest of archaeologists in the Stone Age has always been high. Because that’s the beginning. Literally primitive.  The above Picture is shown the human life in the stone age.

At that time there was conducted a lot of research. a lot of curiosity, a lot of work on how people lived, how they hunted, what weapons they used, etc. were there. Many assumptions were taken only.

Recently, new information about the Stone Age came out through this curiosity and research. After a long study, archaeologists found a site in Morocco during the Stone Age to make axes.

Archaeologists have unearthed a stone-age ax in Morocco, North Africa. A few stone axes were also recovered from there.

Scientists initially believe that the axes are 1.3 million years old.

Researchers say the discovery proves that Homo erectus, the ancestor of mankind in North Africa, began working on the stonework thousands of years earlier than previously thought.

Researchers have unearthed this ancient site during excavations in a mining area on the outskirts of Casablanca, the commercial capital of Morocco.

The project under study here is called the Franco-Moroccan Prehistory of Casablanca. AbderrahimMohib, assistant director of the project, said it was a major step towards ending the controversy surrounding the advent of stone in Africa.

The earliest evidence of this is from Morocco, which is about 300,000 years old. However, from the archeological specimens found all over the world, it is generally thought that primitive human beings are 800,000 years old. But this new study of North Africa and the patterns obtained by it show that it must be at least 1.3 million years old!

Image Credit: All Images are collected From Zee News India