Diamond was first mined in India in the late 17th century and continued to be the leading producer till 18th Century between 17th to 18th century it is the only producer of Diamond in the world and one of the leading supplier in the World of this precious metal. The geological survey of India retired director P.K.Sinha in Patna University revealed this fact of India’s incredible fact various merchants of the world visited India In search of various precious stones and diamonds.
English East India Company set its foot in India with a vision to get the rich mineral resources from Indian mines especially the diamonds Their first step behind this was to get all the information about the different mines present in the Country and then they collected the samples of those rocks and sent to England for examination from the Geological survey at that point of time India has no geological survey place to do those research studies. Then in 1851 Geological survey of India was established with a teaching institute in 1892 for geology teaching Known as Presidency College.
There are certain minerals present in the country which are the basic necessities of the country such as atomic energy, fossil fuels, geothermal energy, etc. These Valuable aspects are the basic items of Indian Mineral Resources. Thus diamond is the oldest mineral resources discovered in India since Independence.