pasture pigs
It is a true fact that in Virginia a human heart transplantation is done in exchange of Pig’s heart as doctors are revealing that the anatomy of pig’s heart matches with that of human heart. Heart transplantation has got new dimension when transplantation of heart is done using pig’s heart. First they are transplanted using baboons heart and it lived with that heart in its abdomen.
First of all it is tested on baboons to check the result what happens and surprisingly it had survived for 2 years without any difficulty on the contrary its immune system developed than before. Then it is made ready to apply on the human’s and it became a milestone when the Human anatomy supported the genes of human’s and the heart which was transplanted make the person to live for 2 years without any problem. For that this are need to be modified genetically. Thus now tension of the heart donor is reduced to great extent.
This achievement makes life easier for open heart sergeants for matching and searching hearts and to start the operation without wasting any time and saving lives of thousands