When stuck by lightning it is quite obvious that people may not survive and death is inevitable except few rare miraculous cases. Most of the time it is found that the death ratio is more in case men than women by the researchers in the USA. On an Average lightning kills 79 individuals every year as per the report of the Disease control and prevention centre of US.
From 1968 In America more number of men are killed by lightning than women this report was released just before the 12 soldiers were killed by lightning in Colo.
21 men were killed by lightning in 2010 and it is increasing at an alarming rate to 100. On the other hand, the women are successfully avoiding the death due to lightning and nowhere near the figure of men’s death ration and not even exceeded 20.
The main reason behind this death is due to outside activities which men perform like playing golf, fishing, camping, boating and soccer. The reason behind this huge number of death is going out to fishing as it provides lack of time to recover from the danger area hence causes increase number of death.