It was a long time since when our parents run after us and tell us to eat dry fruits so that we can get the nutrients from it.But the reality is another way round it is very odd to know that by drying fruit all the nutrients get depleted and the nutrients are reduced to 30-80% of the Vitamin and antioxidant content in the fruit. Consuming Refrigerated food or dried fruit will not benefit the health to a great extent. Basically, there are four steps for conserving and drying fruits.
1) Picking
2) Stowing
3) Processing
4) Parching
When the fresh raw fruits are harvested from the fields they have high levels of nutrition and anti-oxidants but when they are dried then most of the nutrient content get evacuated and nutritious elements are lost when these fruits come in contact with air and light. Due to high temperature and pressure, the nutrient and vitamin from the fruit get to wipe out. The Vitamin A and Vitamin C get reduced to 80% de hand picking and overpressure and heat treatment.