Chamonix-Mont-Blanc or, more commonly, Chamonix is a French commune located in the department of Haute-Savoie and Rhone-Alpes region in south-eastern France. It was the site of the first Olympic Winter Games in 1924. The population of the town of about 9,800 ranks 865th in the country of France.
Located near the massive peaks of Red Needles and especially the Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix is one of the oldest ski resorts in France and is known as the “Gateway to the European Cascades.” The north side of the summit of Mont Blanc, and therefore the summit itself are part of the village of Chamonix. To the south, the situation is different in different countries. Italy considers that the border passes through the vertex. France considers that the border runs along the rocky Spinner under the cap at the top, placing it entirely on French territory. The south side is in France, attributed to Saint-Gervais-les-Bains sharing the summit with his neighbor Chamonix. This situation “for France,” which is located on the French IGN maps. The town of Chamonix is well known and loved by skiers and mountain enthusiasts of all types, and the cable car to the Aiguille du Midi, it is possible to reach the famous ski off-piste Vallée Blanche. With an area of ​​245 km2 (95 sq km), Chamonix is the fourth largest metropolitan city in France ….

Chamonix is ​​a popular resort in the French Alps at the foot of Mont Blanc. In addition, he is credited with hosting the first Winter Olympics in 1924.


Chamonix is ​​connected to the valley by a road and a short line railroad. It is also connected to Courmayeur in Italy by road via the tunnel under Mont Blanc , and Martigny in Switzerland by road and rail.
In winter, there are TGV lines that go directly to Saint-Gervais-les-Bains (Le Fayet), where you can spend a small local train back in Chamonix. There is also a TGV that goes directly from Charles de Gaulle airport in Lyon, and you can transfer to Saint-Gervais-les-Bains (Le Fayet) from there. Via Saint-Gervais, night trains to Paris are also easily accessible.
Eurolines offers free Chamonix to Italy, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Lille, Paris and Geneva.
The Chamonix valley can be considered everything between Servoz and the Swiss border, or the cities of Servoz, Les Houches, Chamonix, Les Praz, Argentiere and Vallorcine.
If you plan to fly to Geneva and hire a car, the road to Chamonix is ​​relatively simple, covering a distance of 88 km. Chamonix is ​​located 80 miles south of Geneva, Switzerland, and the driving time is approximately one hour by the Autoroute Blanche (A40) motorway. Chamonix is ​​226 km from Lyon and 612 km from Paris.
Geneva is the most convenient and accessible airport for tourists traveling to Chamonix. provides shared and private van transportation between the airport of Geneva and Chamonix Valley throughout the winter season from 28 € per person. launch daily service schedule to Chamonix from Geneva Airport every 45 minutes during the winter and summer seasons to 28 € per person. Otherwise Alpybus , which is based in Geneva offers a free shuttle service to high frequency Chamonix rates to 26.50 euros per person. Deluxe transfers provide a service with private driver between Geneva and Chamonix all year. Chamonix Valley Transfers will also get a number of major transfer operators to find the shuttle is the game of the match closer to your flight schedule.

Heli Security luxury helicopters can also be chartered for you and your friends and your family spend a resort of the French Alps. The drivers will pick you up in the VIP style and convey their luxury chalet in Chamonix , Megeve, Meribel, Val d’Isere, Tignes, Morzine or Courchevel, from the airport in time to catch their vol. Heli Security can also arrange transfers between the resort, so if customers are based in Chamonix but would like to try the slopes of Meribel Heli Security can arrange a helicopter charter luxury suit.

Mer de Glace (sea ice), one of the largest glacier in continental Europe, accessible by cogwheel train Montenvers. The Montenvers station was a breathtaking view of the glacier, but also on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses of, one of the three most famous European Alps north faces.
Aiguille du Midi cable car, one of the world’s highest cable cars, with the exception of a few in South America. In fact, the Aiguille du Midi 1035 m begins and ends at a staggering 3810 m! From bottom to top, it has the greatest vertical range in the world. Bring warm clothes. the temperature is alway cold, even in summer. Do not miss the exhilirating 5 km cable car ride on the snowy Aiguille du Midi of France Helbronner on Italy mountains. These are the points closest to Mont Blanc view and also provide different views of Mont Blanc. A 3 km long without pillar is the longest cable car ride in the world without pillars.

France to Italy
Brevent on the other side of the valley, offers the best views of the Mont Blanc. A return adult pedestrian (non skier) ticket is about € 18. The other option is to take the cable with a change to Plan Praz in Chamonix.
Les Houches, you can take the cable car to Bellevue (Bellevue Cable) for another view of the Chamonix valley, with Mont Blanc on one side and the Brevent to another. A short stroll will take you to see the other side of the mountain in Saint-Gervais, Sallanches and Bionnassay glacier. In August 2005, a pedestrian adult return ticket was € 12.10.
Another option is to take the tram Montblanc St. Gervais Le Fayet going to Eagle’s Nest. He stops on the way to Bellevue. There are beautiful views of the valley also Eagle’s Nest.
Museum of Crystals, (crystal museum), a beautiful museum with an impressive collection of crystals, most of Chamonix, but also the rest of the Alps and in the world. Created and maintained through a partnership between the council and the local club mineralogy , it is both very aesthetic and scientific, educational posters. You will find just behind the Maison de la Montagne and the church.
You can take the cable car tower on the Franco-Swiss border on the mountains and for a hike on the glacier du Tour.
If you consider taking more trips a cable for sightseeing or skiing, you should seriously consider buying Mont Blanc Multipass . You pass for 1-10 days at very good prices. In addition, the website provides very good information about activities and hikes from the tram stops.

Chamonix Tourism (Open-top, hop-on, bus tour hop-off).
Compagnie des Guides (mountain guides), 190 Place de l’Eglise, 74400 Chamonix Mont Blanc, tel. +33 4 50 53 00 88 .
YokmoK Adventures, an adventure travel company specializing in the Alps .
Mountain Sanctuary, provide mountain retreats and yoga holidays in Chamonix
Chalet Academy, organize cooking classes specially designed to train you as head of cottage or home.
Mountain guide Proffessional (Steve Hartland), ☎ +33 6 08 72 37 21 . English speaking mountain guide available for winter and summer private guide. Skiing, mountaineering, climbing, glacier trekking, Vallee Blanche, Mont Blanc, Haute Route, Via Ferrata. edit
to skiers:

Chamonix has a reputation for skiing fueled adrenaline and expert skiers challenge the long steep descent from the top of the Grands Montets, from 3275m to 2000m, is the world-class skiing. Start at the top of the highest lift to access Pylons perform and display the Alps on the Argentiere glacier.
Chamonix is ​​famous for the Vallée Blanche, off-road adventure on a deeply cracked, the Mer de Glace glacier. Skiers down the mountain glacier and parts must be secured, especially areas where snow bridges are not yet stable. Cracks and crevices are formed as thick glacier descends 200m underground, which in some regions falling sharply and strong. You can ski past forests towers of ice or seracs, as these

Les Houches, charming village to the tail of the valley is not only for family groups, such as the famous race, the Kandahar is located here. It is the home of the Grand Slalom World Cup.
For intermediates and beginners

The ski resort of Chamonix is ​​a collection of five great individual ski areas. They are listed below. As a result, there is more than enough land for all levels of skiing ability. There is a wide variety of long, wide, red and blue groomed slopes level are all easily accessible.
At the head of the valley, the Domaine de Balme is a large, open bowl ideal for those who want to improve their skills. The easily accessible from the main town of Chamonix Mont Blanc ski area Brevent-Flegere, catches the sun all day, being a south-facing slope. The middle and lower sections of the Grands Montets is ideal for skiers of all levels. For a change of scenery, explore Houches for its beautiful trails cut through the forests.
There are trails for beginners in villages along the valley and 3 can be accessed from Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Savoy, The Plannards and the cable car to the green slopes at Brevent.
Ski Holidays Chamonix is ​​ideal for families as well as groups of friends as the resort caters for all levels of skiing ability and is well known for its ski atmosphere of after.

Five ski areas Chamonix

Vallee Blanche (White Valley), glacier skiing. Needs a full day from the Aiguille du Midi. The easiest way can be skied by someone who is confident on red runs, but a guide is highly recommended due to the glacier where you want to ski. Your guide will ropes, chains and beacons.
Brevent and Flegère are the most easily accessible ski areas from the center of the city. You can walk to the ski lift at Brevent, or take a shuttle bus from a number of different drop points. Skiing for all levels, but especially at the extreme mid-skiing.
Les Houches is the best family resort, and often the best conditions for low altitude. It is the only ski resort with slopes below the treeline, so this is a good place to go when there is a lot of fog.
The tower is at the other end of the valley, towards Martigny. It has plenty of easier slopes for beginners, but also some out of bounds ski terrain if you are willing to walk with your skis. The front of the tower is also a good place to go if you do not like to be cold, because most of the tracks are in the sun (although it can still be very windy, especially on the side and down to Vallorcine).
The Grand Montets has the most extreme and altitude slopes, and can be accessed from the town of Argentiere.

Bionnassay Glacier
Take the cable car to the top of a nearby peak. Hike down, it’s easy! Or try walking between two cable cars, for example:
between the Brevent and Flegère
between the Mer de Glace and the Plan de l’Aiguille
Get great views on both the range of Chamonix Mont-Blanc/Aiguilles, and the ribbon of the limestone range Fiz:
Take the Brevent cable car, then down the ridge of the mountain hut Bel-Lachat, then down to the rock Gaillands or (if a little braver) for pinnacle of Houches and down, or
Walk up the steep lane Gaillands Plan-Lachat, then Bel-Lachat, thence along the ridge Brevent (about six hours and rather hot in summer: start early, but it’s definitely worth it).
Several large glacier hikes exist. Even if you can not get into the glaciers and touch, you can still get close enough to get great views.
Glacier des Bossons – depart either from Les Bossons (at the base of ski jumping) on ​​foot or by chairlift or drive up to the entrance of the Mont Blanc for a shorter, flat hike. Warning, do not try to “touch” therapy glacier here, it is perhaps the most dangerous place in the valley.
Glacier Tour – departing from the city Plan Praz, near the ski resort “The Tour”.
Trient glacier – leave the top of the Col de la Forclaz, Switzerland (before going down to Martigny). An hour and flat.
Bionnassay glacier – depart from the upper part of the Bellevue cable car.
The first three could realistically be done in a day if you’re up early and have a car, but Bionassay will require a half-day.

The city itself has a nice collection of sports, skiing and local shops. (Including fleece shirts for as little as € 8, is 2 to 16!)

It is France. The food is good, although it can be quite expensive in tourist areas. Open a can of ravioli from the supermarket and eat with your Swiss Army knife freshly purchased. If you’ve been hiking all day, it will be the best meal you’ve ever had.
Other regional specialties (anyway!)
Stone grill or hot stone – a hot piece of slate on which you cook your own meat slices on the table.
Raclette – like fondue, this is a multi-person event that involves more melted cheese, potatoes and sausage.
Crust Savoy – a grilled piece of bread soaked in white wine, then baked with melted cheese and possibly mushrooms or tomatoes.
Tartiflette – potatoes and bacon smothered with melted cheese Roblochon.
Goat cheese salad with toasted walnuts.
Midnight Express, Rue du Docteur Paccard. Does absolutely huge and very tasty burgers (among other things) for about € 7. Open daily from 11am to 2am.
Linguini, 242 BC. Michel Croz. Pasta for about 6 €. Take some with outdoor seating.
If you find that you had a little more cheese than you really want, there is a very good Japanese restaurant, Satsuki.
For fashion, “New French”, try these restaurants:
Munchie, Rue des Moulins.
Le Delice, Les Houches.
Basil, Les Houches. For authentic (but not Savoyard) French cuisine.

Bars, Chamonix is ​​relatively expensive. Expect to pay about € 5 in most places a pint of beer, although most places will sell pitchers who can work out cheaper. There are many happy hours in the afternoon. Microbrasserie Chamonix (MBC) has different beers in a U.S. / Canadian environment (serves onion rings and hot wings, for example). Otherwise, most places serve standard pilsners such as Heineken or 1664. Just ask for UN half pressure “for beer tap, or ‘half plume” to a mixture of half beer, half Sprite, a refreshing alternative with less alcohol. A pint is called a “serious” or better value for a “launcher”. Although most people who work in the tourism / hospitality industry speak a little English, make the effort to speak a little French is always appreciated. So take a little ‘hello’ (hello) or “thank you” (thank you) when you can.
Chambre Neuf, 272 BC. Michel Croz, Chamonix (Downtown), ☎ +33 4 50-55-89-81 . Open daily until 2am. Popular with the crowd and expats after skiing, Chambre Neuf has a chic location for a tasty lunch at a reasonable price, grab a bite or a happy hour cocktail. edit
The Garage, 270 Ave. the Aiguille du Midi (slightly off center (walk) near the Aiguille du Midi), ☎ +33 4 50-53-64-49. Chamonix’s largest nightclub can be a bit empty off season (even if it is often the only common open end of the evening), but it is always fun and a good place to mingle with tourists, expats and even a few people! edit
The Tof, 58 pl. Edmond Desailloud (Chamonix Sud), ☎ +33 4 50-55-95-19. Gay-friendly nightclub in Chamonix Sud. Good place for a boogie. edit
Vagabond, 365 Av Ravanel Rouge (Chamonix Sud), ☎ +33 4 50-53-15-43. While walking towards the “Vag ‘can be a chilly winter, you’ll probably be greeted by a fire, football on TV and a host of happy regulars (expatriates) and backpackers staying in the hostel region. A good place to watch sports or a cat midweek discreet. edit

Chamonix and its surroundings are filled with hotels, lodges and campsites, ranging from simple and cheap to very luxurious and expensive.
Chalet Vert et Blanc, 997 Route des Praz, ☎ +33 4 50-34-97-86 . Supplier of luxury and self-catering accommodation in Chamonix. edit
Chalet Marmotte Mountain Adventure, 31 path Ramblas, Argentiere, ☎ +33 6 82-89-15-23, . Luxury catered ski chalet accommodation in Argentiere. edit
The Club House, 74 Parkway Cowbells, Chamonix, . The Clubhouse is a boutique chalet hotel bar and restaurant which is located inside a magnificent Art Deco style. edit
The Hotel & Spa Heliopic sweet 50 instead of the Aiguille du Midi (Chamonix), ☎ +33 4 50-54-55-56 . Record: 15 hours Check out: 12h. Located at the foot of the Aiguille du Midi lift in Chamonix, facing the Mont-Blanc, the hotel Heliopic **** offers 102 rooms, a 500 m² spa, two restaurants, a bar, a ski shop and a Meeting Center. Private parking. € 90. edit
Le Faucigny, 118 Church Square (Chamonix), ☎ +33 4 50-53-01-17, . Record: 15 hours Check out: 12h. Faucigny hotel is located in the historic center of Chamonix, close to shops, ski schools and mountain cottage, 100 m from the ski bus. Private parking. € 90. edit
Lower Chalets, Chalet Cachat, Rue Mummery, Chamonix, 74400 (Chalet Cachat arpund is located 200 meters from the town center on the slopes of Savoy nursery), ☎ +44 117 230 6997, . Registration: 0:00, Check out: 10am. Set back from a large private garden with panoramic views of the Mont Blanc Chalet Cachat is a Savoyard style chalet with large open plan lounge and dining room full of character. € 120. edit
Ski Breezy (winter catering Chalet for rent), Ile D Chalet, 80 Chemin des Barrats, 74400 Chamonix Mont Blanc (Chamonix between hospital and the river, 5 minutes flat walk to the center of Chamonix ), ☎ +33 6 19 – 25-78-64 . Catered chalet accommodation in winter only. Chalet near the center of the city (but far enough away not to hear). Great home cooking and wine fluid. Suitable for individuals, couples, groups and families. Fantastic reviews and great local knowledge to help you make the most of your precious time in the snow. edit
High Mountain Holidays, 233 Chemin de la Cliaz, Chamonix, ☎ +33 4 50-53-38-09 . Self-selection of chalets and apartments to suit all budgets. edit

The ascent of Mont Blanc is popular among climbers. The rise should not be attempted by people who do not mountaineering experience and equipment, even using the easiest (royal road) route.
More generally, all trekking, climbing and skiing, is potentially dangerous. The weather can turn an otherwise easy hike in a painful, possibly fatal trip, the weather in the mountains can change at the last minute and you still need to learn about the latest forecasts. Always carry a cell phone, if you need to call for help, but there is no guarantee that it will work everywhere. Keep it off unless necessary, so as not to drain the batteries unnecessarily.
After snowfall in some areas, we can expect to avalanches – whether natural or caused to prevent further avalanche. Always learn about avalanche danger before embarking on hikes in the snow or off-piste skiing. Even if you do not fear for you, please show consideration for those who may be beneath you.
Altitude sickness can be a problem. Use of aerial work platforms, you can get the high altitude areas very quickly. For example, when climbing the Aiguille du Midi, rose approximately 1000 meters (Chamonix) to 3840m in a very short time. You may experience shortness of breath and other symptoms.

Photos of Chamonix