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It is one of the strangest fact that the brain of the ostrich is smaller than its eyes there are various reasons for that which is not known to everybody till now. The surrounding environment is one of the root cause for it. As it is one of the largest bird so it easily becomes the prey of various predator around it as they can become the most tasty meal for them that’s why to take an overview and a sharp look around it they have such big eyes to monitor the area around it and to prevent itself from any possible attack of its predators. The diameter of the ostrich’s eye is 5cm which is even bigger than elephant’s eye.
When ostriches evolve itself then their eyes have become larger that’s why in their skull their space for brain has shrunken and the brain becomes smaller than eyes. Due to their large eyes they can see things from far of distance and can keep themselves safe from any possible attack. The size of the skull is the most dominant factor to determine the size of the brain.
The Brain functions of Ostrich is also very small so it is quite fine for it .