In 1386 a weird thing happened in France a pig was death sentenced by court for killing a child. The name of the place is Falaise, Normandy in France. Its head was mangled and forelegs were maimed with ropes as it has torn the arms and face of a child which caused its death due to this injury’s. To complete the process of justice the pig was dressed in man’s clothes then the hangman wear a pair of gloves and 10 Dinars and 10 sous were hanged in the public square in the public hall.
This pig actually eaten up the face of the child and thus the victim was executed by the court and above all. When the Hangman was executed he said that he is well satisfied with the act which he performed and the king of France has also provided the sum which is satisfactory to him. Another dramatic incident is that the other pigs were also invited to warn them. The act is funny as well as weird that it make an history in the book of justice.